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Assisted Distance Learning/Correspondence

We have re-defined studying via correspondence or online with our Assisted Distance Learning method by ensuring that the student never gets left alone to do only self-study. We have combined Distance Learning with online Virtual Classrooms, at home exercises/assignments to ensure constant communication is kept with all students making the amount of contact time the same as our part time students. Virtual Classrooms are hosted weekly online and is a combination of questions and answers as well as practical workshops on selected work for the week. 


How does it work?

Want to know how it works? Watch the overview video below.



Why study correspondence with us?

The Student Portal

Get all support you need as a correspondence student from our world class, custom built myAcademy Student Portal. This portal will be your hub of information and will contain resources on all your subjects, allow you to submit your assignments online, participate in forums, get important notifications and much more.


Want to try it out? CLICK HERE to log into a sample profile. Username:, Password: demo1

Our Student Support

Need help during your studies? Make use of our world class student support. We provide various methods to our students to get them help. You can submit your questions via your myAcademy Student Portal, participate in group discussions or call our student support team at our main campus. 

Virtual Online Classes

Our virtual classes are hosted online. These classes are live, accessible online from anywhere, allowing our students an opportunity to get class time and ask the lecturer questions. What if you cannot attend class? We record each class and upload them to the myAcademy Student Portal so you can watch the class anytime you want, as many times as you want.  

Extra Recourses

Need extra information? Get access to extra resources via your myAcademy Student Portal. Download old exam papers, get HOW-TO videos, frequently asked questions, our academic policies and much more. 


Student Portal Videos


Still not convinced? Watch the videos below and see how the student portal looks, how the virtual classroom looks and how to access your assignments. 


Accessing your student portal and updating your profile

Downloading Submitting assignments 


Installing and connecting to online classes



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